Marble in the kitchen: luxury design

Trying to find the X factor in your kitchen? A symbol of luxury, marble is the dream material of many cuisines. Not only for backsplashes and benches, marble marvelously adorns chairs, floors and even ornaments.

The following beautifully designed super modern kitchen show a variety of ways how marble can add class and sophistication to your kitchen, creating a truly luxurious environment.

Whether black dots or white streaks, each marble panel is different and unique, without the same marble effect.

Black blocks are the marble feature in this black kitchen. A fusion of styles can also be hosted by this luxurious material. With a bank of striped blocks, who would not want to come for dinner?

The Scandinavian style works well with marble. The white walls and wooden floors are combined with a dashboard, a bench and a slightly marbled table for a discreet effect.

The association of wood and marble add elegance. Here, framed by a black marble counter top, the set of white cabinets creates an elegant place to cook.

It is possible to evoke an atmosphere of luxury in a space where to eat. This lightly veined marble wall magnificently complements the white cabinets.


A kitchen in the black and white color can also house marble.    A marble block bench lies in front of textured gray walls and charcoal colored cabinets lit by oval suspensions.

This monochromatic masterpiece features a snow white quartz bench. The same marble is joined on the wall.

The unusual shape of this kitchen is best seen in marble. A long, painted hallway gives birth to gray striped marble, framing two-thirds of a wall and two square kitchen spaces.

The marble should not be always the main feature of the decoration. This kitchen, marked in different features, adds marble slabs as a finishing touch.

The kitchen features white marble siding with gray stripes on a minimal background. The marble effect can stretch and lengthen a space. Marble can be used in a small kitchen to keep light in the room.

A golden color, this dark and dangerous kitchen is where the storms are prepared. Dressed in stone from top to bottom, a constellation lamp illuminates the space.

Minimalist with a touch of interest, the black marble slabs of the dashboard create the contrast for a kitchen covered with white panels.

This marble kitchen is a lighter shade. An impressive marble slab is the multicolored masterpiece of the room. Classic and modern are mixed in this lovely space.

Seen more daring by pink gold and varnished wood, gray and white marble envelop this contemporary space and add interest to the room.

Colored contrast kitchens allow marble to shine. On a polished wooden floor, lightly striped marble adorns a central table and a kitchen bench.

There is nothing like natural stone for a classic kitchen. The black and white French panels are combined with gray and white marble, creating a modern touch in the retro-style space.

The result is an incredible kitchen island and mini dashboard work in harmony with black flat utilities and wooden cabinets.

Embrace your artistic side with block-shaped marble. This marble material is reflected on a dashboard.

Art Deco and Scandinavian styles compete in this light and artistic cuisine corner.

In this kitchen, the gray marble elements are distinguished by black elements and wooden stools, producing maximum impact.

In a resplendent way, marble is used in the kitchen as a design element.

A marble island on an elegant wooden floor and simple black cabinets

Light can change the effect of marble. The light in the ceiling shines in the marble of this elegant kitchen, making it warm.

Gray is the color of the moment. The marble shows its depth, in a framed bench and a marbled dashboard in a range of shades of gray.

Marble can work well with bright colors. Here, a bench and a silent marble floor constitute a beautiful scene of extreme luxury.

The minimalist style can be seen in this kitchen because it adheres to simple geometric shapes.

Next: a completely white kitchen has both floor and walls in the veined texture

This modern kitchen incorporates many elements but mostly striking is a beautiful white marble dashboard.

This set of charcoal marble slab in the kitchen is a sure way to catch the eye.

Create your own restaurant in gray tones. An oblong kitchen island with marble everywhere creates a sophisticated and elegant space.